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"Over a Balcony," View of the Grand Canal, Venice
"Over a Balcony," View of the Grand Canal, Venice Title
ca. 1897 Period
37.1109 Accession
venice, watercolor, architecture, water, sky, terracotta, canal, vertical-format, rhythms, souvenir-item, quiet, phonewallpapers Tags
A Venetian Courtyard
A Venetian Courtyard Title
ca. 1770s (Baroque) Period
37.607 Accession
venice, architecture, stairs, work, dog Tags
Grand Canal, Venice
Grand Canal, Venice Title
19th century Period
37.132 Accession
venice, canal, water, boats Tags
The Fall of Man
The Fall of Man Title
1600-1610 (Renaissance) Period
37.576 Accession
renaissance, oil, canvas, temptation, flemish, venice Tags
Venice Title
ca. 1874 Period
37.196 Accession
seafever, veduto, venice, canvas, spanish Tags
Venice, Evening
Venice, Evening Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.158 Accession
venice, boat, water, sunset, seafever, harbor Tags
Venice, Morning
Venice, Morning Title
ca. 1864 Period
37.157 Accession
seafever, venice, realism, harbor Tags