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A Bright Day
A Bright Day Title
ca. 1835-1840 Period
37.38 Accession
landscape, cows, french, painting, barbizon, serene Tags
A Swamp in the Landes
A Swamp in the Landes Title
after 1844 Period
37.991 Accession
swamp, landscape, sky, clouds, barbizon, realism, landscapes Tags
Returning from the Fields
Returning from the Fields Title
1871 Period
37.58 Accession
century, agricultural, barefoot, breton, france, labourers, peasants, rural, women, romanticism, photorealism, barbizon, realism, reninst19 Tags
Sunset on the Coast at Villerville
Sunset on the Coast at Villerville Title
1855, with later retouching by the artist Period
37.17 Accession
barbizon, realism, landscapes Tags
The Evening Star
The Evening Star Title
1864 Period
37.154 Accession
landscape, barbizon, reflection, landscapes, teachersandstudents Tags
The Willows of Marissel
The Willows of Marissel Title
1857 Period
37.194 Accession
tree, walking, barbizon, arboreal, reninst19 Tags