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Opera Philosophica
Opera Philosophica Title
ca. 1480 (Renaissance) Period
W.364 Accession
memory, mirror, catalina, rewriting, approach, arch, reason, laws, literature, beckersriad, abubakr, ibnalburd, beu, rome, tibur, rubicon, reordering, mens, reminder Tags
Pen Box with Scenes from the "Haft Paykar"
Pen Box with Scenes from the "Haft Paykar" Title
1283 AH/AD1866-1867 (Qajar) Period
67.3 Accession
islamic, poetry, literature, persian Tags
Saint Bridget of Sweden
Saint Bridget of Sweden Title
ca. 1430-1460 (Late Medieval) Period
27.443 Accession
medieval, limestone, literature Tags