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Breton Peasant Girl
Breton Peasant Girl Title
1909 Period
37.1221 Accession
drawing, girl, peasant, beautiful, wow Tags
Christian Peasant
Christian Peasant Title
mid 19th century Period
37.1300 Accession
peasant, christian, watercolor, man Tags
Drawing Water
Drawing Water Title
1858 Period
37.199 Accession
water, woman, peasant, genre Tags
First Disappointment
First Disappointment Title
1861 Period
28.11 Accession
century, marble, sculpture, child, peasant, girl, american, teacher, resource, kit Tags
Italian Peasant Girls at Prayer
Italian Peasant Girls at Prayer Title
1864 Period
37.1292 Accession
prayer, children, watercolor, italian, peasant, mother Tags
Italian Peasant Kneeling with Child
Italian Peasant Kneeling with Child Title
1825-1905 Period
37.1380 Accession
italian, peasant, child, baby, woman, religion, sleep, french, mother, iove, love Tags
Italian Peasants
Italian Peasants Title
1824 Period
37.1293 Accession
italian, peasant, religion, watercolor, travel Tags
Little Breton Peasant Girl
Little Breton Peasant Girl Title
1834 Period
37.1592 Accession
peasant, girl, child, watercolor Tags
Peasant Leaning on a Stick
Peasant Leaning on a Stick Title
1859-1865 Period
37.1453 Accession
peasant Tags
The Angelus
The Angelus Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.903 Accession
angelus, jean, millet, conté, drawing, wove, paper, crayon, painting, peasant, chailly, couple, dead, death, work, labor, farm, farming, line, hashing, black, gray, shades, horizon, music Tags
The Close of Day
The Close of Day Title
1865 Period
37.57 Accession
women, poor, rural, peasant, romantic, shoes, geese, strikeapose Tags
The Jolly Drinker
The Jolly Drinker Title
1624-1626 (Baroque) Period
37.2745 Accession
beer, peasant, drunk, bottomsup, painting, flemishbaroque, 2020holidayinvite, caravaggisti Tags
Virgin and Child
Virgin and Child Title
ca. 1630-1632 (Baroque) Period
37.234 Accession
baroque, peasant Tags