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Abridgment of the Book of Kings (Shahnama)
Abridgment of the Book of Kings (Shahnama) Title
13th century AH/AD 19th century Period
W.597 Accession
book, islamic, camel, 641 Tags
Algerian Dromedary
Algerian Dromedary Title
19th century Period
27.102 Accession
camel, animal, bronze, sculpture, desert, creature, cast Tags
Arab at Prayer
Arab at Prayer Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1289 Accession
carpet, orientalism, camel, phonewallpapers Tags
Camel Title
7th-8th century (T'ang) Period
49.2383 Accession
bat, camel, china, saddlebags, tiger, creature, teacher, resource, kit, teeth, humps, bactrain, chinese, earthenware, glaze, ceramics, new, cool, sancai, elephants, painted, airdryclay, tang Tags
Egyptian Dromedary
Egyptian Dromedary Title
19th century Period
27.118 Accession
camel, bronze, sculpture, animal, cast, dromedary, egypt Tags
Relief with Dromedary Rider
Relief with Dromedary Rider Title
10th century BCE (Neo-Hittite/Hurritic) Period
21.15 Accession
camel, arab, syria, limestone, relief, dromedary Tags